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Papa Demba Diallo

Managing Director of Fonsis SA since April 2019, Papa Demba Diallo joined FONSIS in 2014 as Executive Director in charge of the investment process in charge of Digital, Services, Infrastructures and Industry.

Demba has spent more than 20 years in the information technology sector, with leading telecom operators such as BT or Equant and OEMs such as Lucent Technologies and CoSine.

He was for 9 years, member of the executive committee of SONATEL, in his capacity as General Manager of Orange Business Services

He has held various positions ranging from sales to technical operations in Europe, Africa and Silicon Valley

Demba holds 2 MSc from Télécom Sud Paris and a Master’s degree in Management Sciences (MSG) from Paris-Dauphine

Demba is also a former troop child of Prytanée Militaire de Saint-Louis.