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A great company going into COVID is invariably a great company coming out


Systemic hazards and the spheres of well-being


Migration part and parcel of global economy

Replay: ‘In times of crisis dominant ideologies get challenged’- Piketty

In this podcast, The Africa Report talks to Thomas Piketty, professor at the Paris School of Economics, about the world beyond coronavirus.

George Floyd: Are police forces in Africa any better?

In this podcast, The Africa Report looks at what place the global movement to end racism against the black community and against police brutality has in Africa.

Replay: Zimbabwe on the brink: Inflation, currency, clashes – what next?

In this week’s pick of some our favourite podcasts, we take a hard look at the growing instability in Zimbabwe.

Understanding African Markets for Mobile Games – Cordel Robbin-Coker

Today’s guest has a background in investment banking and a passion for mobile games. His mission is to bring the world of interactives to Africa and to connect Africa to the world.

Great Investor Insights – Is there any money in Africa?

This timely discussion is part of a series of Allen & Overy conversations with senior stakeholders at institutional investors.

Investing in Africa: Is Now the Time?

Melissa Cook, CFA, founder and managing director of African Sunrise Partners LLC, dispels some of the biggest misconceptions investors have when considering Africa and makes the case for investing in the continent.