2020 Africa Kaizen Annual Conference

01 September 2020


“The Role of Kaizen in Accelerating Industrialization in Africa Under the Challenges of COVID-19 and Beyond”

The private sector contributes significantly to the development of Africa’s economy and thus it is a vital component to its development. Hence, private sector development is one of the key factors that will lead to Africa’s industrialization and the creation of employment and decent work. Since the late 2000s, JICA has promoted adoption of “Kaizen”, a comprehensive approach that makes use of broad technologies to pursue quality, productivity, and managerial capabilities. In this regard, AUDA-NEPAD and JICA will host a virtual Africa Kaizen Annual Conference (AKAC) 2020. AKAC serves as a platform for stakeholders to expand their networks, share knowledge, and deepen their understanding of Kaizen activities.

Given the shock and disruptions brought about by COVID-19, it can no longer be business as usual. The disruptions warrant reimagining the way the private sector and indeed government conduct business and, adopts to similar future shocks.

Objectives of Africa Kaizen Annual Conference

AKAC aims to promote and upgrade Kaizen activities in Africa to facilitate its development objectives and the implementation of TICAD and Agenda 2063 objectives. AKAC specific objectives are;

A mutual learning process on the know-how and practical experiences of Kaizen activities in Africa and around the world;
Strengthening and expanding the network among Kaizen practitioners, promoters and researchers at the global level, and
Comprehending and conveying key messages from Kaizen or quality and productivity improvement promoters and practitioners to African heads of states and policy makers.

    Dates: Tuesday, 1 September to Thursday, 3 September 2020

    Format: Webinar. Zoom link to be sent upon registration.

    For further information and registration please access the following links: